How to choose the right Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Due to more and more overtime work in the upcoming fourth quarter, we are too tired after work to do the housework, and only want to lie on the sofa for rest…

work hard


More and more people want to choose a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner to relieve them from the housework. But there are too many choices on the market, and it’s hard to make a choice.

choose the right robotic vacuum cleaner


As a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, it must have the features of "intelligence" and "good cleaning performance".

Intelligence: it means that the machine has some wisdom, requiring no manual operation or little intervention, specifically:

By pressing "Start" only, the machine automatically cleans the floor and recharges itself after the cleaning is completed.

During the cleaning, we need to note the following aspects:

  1. The area cleans - whether the house is cleaned thoroughly.
  2. How long does it take to clean the house?
  3. Can it automatically avoid sofas, tables, and chairs?
  4. Can it climb over a slope and protect itself?

As the structure and furniture layout vary with the house, how to make the robot cover every place in such a complex environment?


OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is employed the Simultaneous localization and navigation technology combining SLAM+route planning/running control


SLAM is  Simultaneous Localization and Mapping:


With it, the infrared sensors and gyroscopes may constantly sense and update the surrounding environment, and hence achieve localization and mapping in addition to route planning and running control. Therefore, such kind of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner features high coverage, cleaning in the shortest time and non-repeated cleaning.

OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner will start cleaning in the following way:

S-shaped cleaning -> edge cleaning -> auto-dock and recharging


s-shaped route path

 (S-shaped Cleaning)


e-edge cleaning

 (Edge Cleaning)


auto charging

 (Auto-Dock and Recharging)


It will automatically avoid obstacles such as tables and chairs and re-clean the area that is omitted.

cleaning path


Because of the planned route, it avoids omitted or repeated cleaning and improves efficiency. For a 120m2 house, it takes about 60-80 minutes (depending on the layout of the house)

Unlike the first generation of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner below, without features of planning and mapping

first robotic vacuum cleaner


The above figure shows that the whole cleaning route is disorderly, with omitted or repeated cleaning. In theory, full-coverage cleaning is viable, but it may take too much time.


After the intelligence, let's check out its cleaning performance.

OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner may clean your floor thoroughly by following four steps (gathering, brushing, and sucking).


cleaning performance


The side brushes will gather the surrounding dirt and dust to be below the suction inlet.


side brushes

The yellow body is made of imported ABS and thermoplastic elastomer material by over molding. The brush is made of the wear-resistant nylon fiber bundle to avoid scratching the floor and furniture.






The V-type rolling brush is made of soft rubber material and fiber, enhancing gathering ability and strengthening the cleaning ability for deep dust and large particles of waste.

Detachable bearings at ends of the main brush make it easier to be cleaned from the hairs twined on it and prevent the motor from overheating caused by excessive hair twining.

16cm-wide suction inlet

16cm-wide suction inlet

Compared with the sole suction, the rolling brush can increase the cleaning efficiency by both "brushing" and "sucking".



Dirt and dust gathered by side brushes and rolling brush will be sucked into the dust box.

Japan-made NIDEC brushless motor is used, featuring high speed, powerful suction, long life, and low noise:

A brushless motor (DC motor) runs at a high speed, with a long life of about 20,000 working hours that can run normally for 7-10 years. A brushless motor is more energy-efficient, about 1/3 of a brush motor’s power consumption, without any subsequent maintenance costs.


With the powerful suction of 1800pa, all dust, melon seed shells, soybeans and other large particles of waste can be sucked away.


NIDEC brushless motor


The motor is built in the dust box, improving the air-tightness of the air duct.


HEPA washable filter is built in the dust box and is made of H11 composite filter material, capable of blocking 99% PM2.5 dust, mites, allergens and dirt for a fresh end gas.

HEPA washable filter



Through comparison, we can easily find that the gyroscope-based planning feature and good cleaning system (including motor, the width of suction inlet, rolling brush, and intelligent electronic control water tank) have become the major points to be considered for a sweeping robot.

For the emerging laser- and visual-type sweeping robots, the price is relatively high. Furthermore, the service life of a laser for the former one needs to be considered too.

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