Test ‖ A Simple Way to Use OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

As an unmarried man and an office worker, cleaning the floor is troublesome housework.

I don’t want to clean the floor, but to lie in bed after busy work. So, more and more dirt and dust appear on the floor over time, how could I bear it? But, even if how dirty the floor is, I still don’t want to clean it, bearing it again and again. It is a rather troublesome thing as I think of cleaning the floor.

I have known the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner a long time ago, but after I learned of the "terrible" performance of early products on the market, such as:

  • Running and bumping into something like a headless fly
  • Repeated cleaning at a spot
  • Finding the recharging dock by luck
  • Forget it; I just continue to bear it

  • If it weren't for the chance to test the OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, I would still be facing a dirty house every day.

     I. Appearance: An Ordinary Look and Minor Details

    Let's start with the appearance. As OPODEE's first Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, it is grey-black on the whole and looks simple, but stain resistant and well-designed. It is around tempered glass design, small, simple and fashionable, with round lines, sensitive steering, mirror-like cover, white logo, as well as Start/Stop button and Charging indicator lamp on the top cover. With built-in infrared anti-bump sensors, it would not bump into anything during cleaning.

    outline front

    On its bottom, there are Cliff detection sensors, a pair of recharging electrodes, and an omnidirectional wheel, a pair of  Moto driving wheels, a pair of side brushes, a rolling brush module.

    outline Back


    II. Feature: Route Planning and Intelligent Running

    Route planning is the most attractive feature of OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, enabling an orderly cleaning, namely the S-Shaped Clean Path that prevents omission.

    So, what is the S-Shaped Clean Path? (As shown below)

    s-shaped clean path

     In addition, there are three modes: spot, edge and single-room cleaning. It adapts to different cleaning scenarios to get the maximum coverage of cleaning. It saves me the pain of bending down and sweeping the floor.

     As a science geek, I have to explain these technical words clearly.

    Spot cleaning: It cleans a small area intensively in a spiral way, suitable for a dirty floor

    Spot cleaning


    Edge cleaning: as its name indicates, it cleans the edge along the wall

    Edge cleaning


    Single-room cleaning: it cleans the floor in a room


    III. Cleaning Performance

    With the powerful suction of 1800Pa and a 600ml dust box, the cleaning performance is very satisfying. In order to use the powerful suction to its best, two suction modes, standard and powerful, are provided to match user's requirements on both suction and duration/silence.


    cleaning performance
    (Before cleaning)
    robotic vacuum cleaner
    (After cleaning)

    dust box


    (Dust and waste from the dust box after cleaning)

    The actual test results show that it may clean the floor satisfactorily in the standard suction mode.

    The machine is provided with two suction modes. If the floor is too dirty, the powerful suction mode is a good choice, but it may make much noise. However, for me with obsession, I prefer the powerful suction mode. It’s just the noise of cleaning, how simple it is to bear such the noise.

    IV. Others: Anti-Drop, Anti-Bump, Auto-Dock, and Recharge

    Anti-drop is the basic feature of a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. The OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is provided with Cliff detection sensors that enable the machine to automatically revolves away without drop when sensing stairs.


     (Don't worry, I would not fall off, and I will protect myself from danger)




    (I will find my way away from any furniture because I am afraid of pain, and more importantly, I need to protect it)


    Moreover, I found that after a period of work, when the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner detects that the battery is low, it will automatically return to the recharging dock and recharge it efficiently, so there is no need to move it to the dock by hand.

    Auto-Dock and Recharge


    (Never worry about that I'm out of battery)


    If the Robot is far away from the Charge Base. it will along with the wall to find the charge station. so it needs more time to back.

    Setting the charging station against the wall on a hard, level surface. also, remove all objects within 6ft in front and 3ft on both sides of the charging base.


     V. Conclusion

    The results of use during this period of time show that OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner satisfies the needs of daily use, with a particular feature of human-simulating cleaning and dust removal. In addition to route planning, intelligent running and high coverage of cleaning. so it is absolutely the best helper for lazy people.

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