The First Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in Life


OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

I am a lazy man. I do not want to do anything that can be done by a machine. For example, just a small thing like sweeping the floor, I want to buy a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner a long time ago, but I'm often frustrated by a lot of complaints, such as fail in auto-dock and recharge, dropping from a high place and break, poor cleaning, bump into something, and even mopping the dogshit everywhere on the floor. Therefore, I did not get one.

Actually, I haven't used a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner yet. I buy this OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for the first time in my life. I wonder if it has such advantages pushing me to buy it. Now let's check it out.




robotic vacuum cleaner package


The OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is well packed in a kraft box with simple and few prints. The front side has only the English trademark of "OPODEE" and the sketch of the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

vacuum cleaner package


There is a handle to carry and a sealing label on the top side.

robotic vacuum cleaner label


The side sticker is printed with the brief information of the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and the manufacturer's information. It is round, with a diameter of 330mm, a height of 76mm, and a weight of about 2.7kg. Requiring an input voltage of 14.8V, it has a built-in lithium battery with a current of 2500mAh that enables running 100 minutes on a charge, and a dust box with a volume of 660ml.


robotic vacuum cleaner package inside

robotic vacuum cleaner package inside


The inner box is specially made with grooves to secure the sweeping robot and accessories. They are wrapped with anti-static PE bags and are protected by pearl cotton (EPE) to avoid a collision during transportation.


package content of robotic vacuum cleaner

The contents of the package include:

  1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 1 pc;
  2. Charger, 1 pc;
  3. Charging dock, 1 pc;
  4. Remote control, 1 pc;
  5. Batteries for remote control, 1 pair;
  6. Boundary Strips, 1m;
  7. Dust box, 1pc;
  8. Cable Ties, 5 pcs;
  9. Side brush, 2 pairs for the right and left, respectively;
  10. HEPA Dust filter, 2 pcs;
  11. Cleaning tool, 1 pc.




robotic vacuum cleaner cover


OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a standard round design. The robot runs at a direction that power supply and recharge icons point. When power is on, the corresponding icons will have a blue light on. There is a round multi-function button below the icons. Power on the robot by the light press of the button, actuate cleaning or pause by the second press and power off by long press.

robotic vacuum cleaner bottom


It has two main wheels and an omnidirectional wheel at its bottom. The three wheels can adjust the direction that it runs. It is designed with double side brushes, one at each side, to sweep the floor.



The brushing module between the two load-bearing wheels is an important part of cleaning. All the dust and trash will be sucked into the dust box via this brush, so it is very easy to get dirty and twined by hairs. Generally, it needs to be cleaned after each cleaning.


cliff sensor


At the bottom, it has three cliff sensors that can sense the environment, especially the stairs, capable of preventing it from the drop.


bump obstacle


Besides, it has three sensors at its edge beside the omnidirectional wheel, namely auto-dock sensor, the infrared sensor, and anti-bump sensor. The three sensors can accurately sense the surrounding environment. Thanks to the elastic design, the anti-bump sensor can better protect the robot in addition to sensing environment.


side brush


The side brush is distinguished by left and right. It is designed to drive the trash and other wastes to the inlet of dust box during cleaning. Note to install it correctly.


 dust box


The dust box is fixed at the end of the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

There is a key-press for dust box that can be pulled out by gently pressing the key down.


dust box

the dust box is transparent for visual inspection.


HEPA dust box

The dust box has a built-in dust filter that can effectively filter the dust, hair and other trash. It can be removed, cleaned and replaced regularly to maintain effective cleaning.

charging base

The charging dock is made of plastic materials, with four anti-skid rubber sheets that can be adsorbed on the floor. However, due to dust and other impurities on the floor, it may show poor adsorption. Besides, the charging dock is so light-weighted that will be often moved by the sweeping robot while returning to the dock. It is suggested to increase its weight for better stability.


charging base

The right side of the charging dock is around DC charging slot that would not affect the route of auto-dock.

power adapter

The power charger is a two-pin plug, with the output voltage of 19V, and the current of 600mA. As current is small, it may take about 4 hours for a full charge. It is suggested to increase the charging power for shorter charging time.

remote control


The OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is provided with two modes of control. The first is the physical key control as shown on the robot for basic use. The second is the wireless remote control, with time display and scheduling. Two control modes can fully cover the daily needs and adapt to different users.

cleaning tools


The cleaning tools include a hairbrush, hook, and blade. That may be used to remove dust, hook away long hairs or cut twined hairs. They are very useful indeed.



Modes of Control


auto dock and charging


The OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is small that occupies a small space only. However, in order to facilitate its recharge, it had better place it at an unoccupied corner of the wall in the room, connect the charger and charging dock, and then fix the dock in the corner before use. This may ensure that it can return to the charging dock in time for the next use.


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It provides users with a variety of modes of control. the remote control is provided too for old people or children to use it easily at home. It is so smart that clean any place with dirt. Voice prompts are available too for corresponding functions, greatly facilitating its use by parents or children.


Results of Use


Whether this OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can really clean the house, let's test it one by one.


1 Simple Test

First of all, use the scraps of paper and soybeans for the test.





The test shows that the OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has strong suction, basically sucking them away at a time with few omitted, but a second cleaning can remove them all. It can be seen that it has a wonderful cleaning performance and suction power.


intelligent sweeping robot


As an intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, intelligent anti-bump and direction changing tests, of course, can be easily completed.

When meeting an obstacle, it may automatically change the direction by sensing the obstacle through multiple sensors. With more intelligent direction sensors, it will never bump into something like a fool. Provided that it gets twined or jammed, so that users may find and deal with it.


2 Cleaning Test


Cleaning Test


robotic vacuum cleaner


It is tested to clean a bedroom in a regular S-shaped mode. The bedroom was cleaned the day before, but the results show that it still removes a lot of dirt and hairs from the floor.



Let’s check the dust box. It is full of dust. We can see this type of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is powerful.

robotic vacuum cleaner


Let’s check its structure. Each module is reasonably designed. This open and independent design ensures easy cleaning. The dust box can be opened and cleaned directly, and the filter can also be removed and cleaned, so be the brushes at the bottom. It may be cleaned wholly in a few minutes.




Although the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is very useful and easy to use, we need to pay attention to the following things in use since it is not as smart as AI.

sweeping robot


The movable carpet should be removed from the floor. Even if the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can climb over a certain height, the edge of movable carpet may be lifted up by the side brush and therefore the robot may be blocked, so it would be best to remove the carpet before cleaning.


sucked and jammed

The mosquito net in the bedroom should be hung up. If a mosquito net is used in the room, it had better be placed in bed. Otherwise, it may be sucked and jammed in the sweeping robot, making the robot unable to work.


Test Results


robotic vacuum cleaner


Through the tests in these few days, I’m highly impressed by the first Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in my life that it is very useful and suitable for household use. After all, stubborn stains are not so frequently seen at home as hair and dust. So, this OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is really a good helper for household cleaning.

It has enough built-in sensors to automatically sense the environment and depicts the real-time cleaning map, with features of anti-bump, anti-drop, auto-dock, and recharge. Both scheduling and remote control are provided for sweeping the floor. It can be easily operated by old people and children. In addition, it shows a satisfactory cleaning performance, and it is easy to be cleaned too. This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is so affordable that only costs us several meals. Such a low price can save us a lot of trouble with cleaning the house, it is indeed worthwhile.

If you want to spend more time on meaningful things, as I do, other than on cleaning, the OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner would be your wise choice.

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