How to Charge the Robot

1. The Robot Vacuum cleaner will charge automatically. 

the Robot uses a lithium battery, it is unnecessary to be fully charged for the first time.

When the battery is below the set percentage, the Robot Vacuum cleaner will return to the charging base and charge automatically. 


you can the remote control to return to the charging base.



 2. The Robot Vacuum cleaner returns to charging base to charge manually. 

 The Robot will be charged before it leaves our factory. The battery will drop after a while. if you don't turn on it, please charge it.

if the robot is out of the battery, you have to align the pins of the Charging Base manually. you can move right and left until the icon with a house is lighted and you can hear the "charging start" prompt tone. 



Please make sure the Charging Base and the AC power is connected.  the LED light of the Charging Base light up and flash.

Please make sure to install the Charging Base against a wall, and remove obstacles within 1m/3ft to the right and left side and 2m/6ft from the front as possible.

Charging Base

When E30W is in the vicinity of the Charging Base, it will return to the dock more quickly. However, if Charging Base is located far away, the robotic will need more time to return. The robotic vacuum cleaner looks along the wall for the charging point. Please be patient as it works its way back. 


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