How to Maintain

How to Maintain Your OPODEE Robot Vacuum Cleaner Properly?

01. Clean the Side Brushes

Please take off the side brushes from the machine and cut the mussy hairs. And then rub the brushes with a wet towel.

clean the side brushes


02. Clean the Suction Part

Please detach the roller brush, then clean up the dust and other scraps underneath.

Clean the Suction Part

Then tidy up the dust box.

Then tidy up the dust box

Clean the roller brush. Especially if the roller is winded with long hairs, please cut them down with scissors first, making sure the brush is cleaned thoroughly.

Clean the roller brush

03. Clean the sight sensors and other components

Please clean the sight sensors, charging electrodes, driver wheels, and universal wheels respectively. Please caution that the metal connectors on the machine are also needed to be rubbed with a wet towel.

clean the sight sensors

04. Clean the dust box and vacuum entry

If the HEPA filters are not cleaned for a long time, they will be overloaded with dust, leading to the poor cleaning result of your robot cleaner. Please don’t forget to rinse the metal connectors on the dust box with a wet towel.

Clean the dust box and vacuum entry



1. The basic filter which has fence could be washed with water.

washing the first filter

2. We do not recommend to wash the white HEPA filter with water, which may influence the filter performance.

3. If you washed the basic filter and HEPA, please always remember not to install them until fully dried out.

4. The dust box is only allowed to be scrubbed with a wet towel, please do not flush it with water.

install the filters only when they are fully dried out

Please install the filters only when they are fully dried out.

5. Total cleaning and installation

The last part, don’t forget to tidy up the whole exterior surface of OPODEE robot cleaner, including the forward-sight glass. And then finish this maintaining process by installing the side brushes, roller brush, and dust box to the specific places respectively.

Total cleaning and installation

Total cleaning and installation

That’s all the usual maintaining process for the OPODEE robot vacuum cleaner.

We recommend cleaning the brushes once a week and change the HEPA filters every 4-6 months.

Making a thorough cleaning regularly to get an extended working life.

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