1. The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner does not work

1.1. The main power switch on the bottom of the robot probably is turned off.

1.2. The battery level probably is less than 20%.

the battery level is lower

1.3. The Remote Control probably does not work. Please refer to the solution in the second point.


2. Remote control failure

2.1. The batteries probably are installed incorrectly

The batteries are installed incorrectly

2.2. The remote control probably is over effective rang when pressing.

the remote control is over effective range

2.3. The infrared Emitter or Receiver probably is dirty.

 the infrared emitter or receiver probably is dirty

Use a dry cloth to wipe the infrared Emitter on the remote control and the infrared Receiver on the robot.


3. E30W can't be charged

3.1. Probably due to the poor connection with the Charging Base and the AC power.

due to the poor connection with the charging base and the ac power.

3.2. Probably due to the poor connection with the points.

due to the poor connection with the points

Please dust off the charging connecting points on the charging Base and bottom of the E30W with a dry cotton cloth.


4. E30W can't return to the charging Base

4.1 There are probably some obstacles around the Charging Base.

Setting the charging base

Please make sure to install the Charging Base against a wall, and remove obstacles within 1m/3ft to the right and left side and 2m/6ft from the front as possible.

4.2. When E30W is in the vicinity of the Charging Base, it will return to the dock more quickly. However, if Charging Base is located far away, the robotic will need more time to return. The robotic vacuum cleaner looks along the wall for the charging point. Please be patient as it works its way back. 


5. E30W can't schedule cleaning

5.1 The main power switch on the bottom of E30W probably is turn off. Please make sure it turns on, set the remote control and schedule cleaning time again.

5.2 Probably the remote control's clock (AM/PM) set incorrect.

the clock set incorrect

Please make sure to set the right remote control's clock (AM/PM), and you will hear a "beep" when the local time setting is completed.

5.3 Probably the scheduled clean time (AM/PM) set incorrect.

the scheduled time set incorrect

Please make sure to set the right remote control's clock (AM/PM), and you will hear a "beep" when the local time setting is completed.


Notice: E30W only allows for one scheduled time per day, and it will clean at the same time every day until you turn off the main power switch or cancel the schedule by remote control.


6. Side brush fell from robot when E30W is working

6.1 The side brush probably installed incorrectly. Before installation, please confirm the mark of the side brush, if it's "L", please install it at the position marked "L" on the machine.  the other side is the same "R".

the side brush installed incorrectly

Please attach side brushes to the bottom of E30W by pressing a brush into each slot until you hear the click.


7. E30W gets stuck

7.1 Before E30W starts cleaning, you had better pick up objects like clothing, loose papers, pull cords for blinds power cords, and any fragile objects.

If the hair is too long or too much, please pick up the hair manually to avoid winding the roller brush.

7.2 E30W's slimmer body would work with most of the furniture but it is still probably got stuck. The lowest height is 2.99 inch.

7.3 E30W is not suitable for use on long-pile carpet. Before using E30W near a short-pile rug with tasseled edges. please fold are rug's edges under themselves to prevent E30W from tangling.


8. Suction power is weak.

8.1. The suction inlet probably is blocked by obstructions.

the suction inlet is blocked

the suction inlet is blocked

8.2. The dust bin probably is full.

the dust bin is full

8.3. The filters probably are blocked.

the filters are blocked

Take out filters and clean the filters with a cleaning brush and air-dry the filters completely before use if the filters are wet.

 (Please refer to How to Maintain Your OPODEE Robot Vacuum Cleaner Properly?)

9. E30W falls down a cliff.

9.1 The anti-drop sensors probably are dirty.

falls down a cliff


10. E30W turns in circles.

10.1 The bumper probably is stuck.

the bumper is stuck


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