What is the S-shaped clean path

OPODEE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner always runs S-shaped clean path in auto cleaning mode and single room cleaning mode.

z-shape clean route

What is the S-shaped clean path?

1. Please move the vacuum on the dining room or living room where is an empty and not too many furnitures and other obstacles.

2. Observe the path where the vacuum runs, the vacuum will move about a half of the main body and turn back when bumping the wall, the forward path and back path is almost parallel.

    s-shape clean path

    3. S-shaped clean path makes the vacuum calculate the best cleaning route which is shortest and time-saving. To improve the coverage rate of sweeping.

    4. But the S-shaped clean path is not good for the soft carpets and long fur carpets, the fur enhances the resistance which cause to the vacuum will change the direction.

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